Online Poker Analyzer

Online Poker Analyzer
When I started playing poker online I had no idea what an online poker analyzer could be, or if it even exists. I was just trying to learn poker hands and make bets whenever I believed I have a winning hand, or I was expecting some good hands. Slowly I realized that relying solely on my instincts wont make me a winning poker player just as knowing by heart what makes a flush or a straight is simply not enough to win money. I also needed to know the poker hand rankings, and later on an even more important aspect.
Online Poker Analysis comes in the picture
It turned out sizing up your and your opponents poker hand right from the start is one of the most important skills I could have, and it has roots in mathematics. I discovered, that each poker hand, like a flush or a straight have probabilities calculated already in statistical poker tables, showing you what chance your starting hand has in poker, and what chance of getting a flush, or a four of a kind has too. This was the essence of online poker analysis and most professional players already know these by heart, but since I was a newbie I had a serious lack of understanding this and hence I was losing in poker.
How an online poker analyzer works?
Now, I tried printing out these poker stats tables and place them next to my monitor yet it felt awkward trying to match my current hand with those shown on this sheet. Later I realized there exist poker software that can do this for you. Big rooms like PokerStars and PartyPoker allow these software to access your poker hands real time and show you the chance of winning with the hands! At first this seemed like an unfair advantage, and I felt betrayed, because certainly all the so called invisible online pros use such software when they play, making me lose my money. But the more I thought about it I realized that large poker rooms do not prohibit an online poker analyzer for a reason, it only calculates statistics for you, but does not place bets or acts instead, as that would be illegal. After all, any player could do that on a sheet of paper. This is more of a convenience feature.